Thursday, May 21, 2009

return on creativity: the buttercup bag

I have become obsessed with The Buttercup Bag. This pattern has brought me back to sewing, something I haven't done since junior high home economics class (although I thoroughly enjoyed sewing when I did it.)

Why is this pattern so awesome?
1. It's free.
2. It doesn't take much fabric.
3. It is easy.
4. It is too cute.

Here is my first bag. I am supposed to be sending it to my sister in Chicago, but I haven't been able to part with it just yet.

Then I added ribbon to my next bag. I sewed the ends of the ribbon into the inside of the side seams. Then I sewed large button holes to thread the ribbon through to the front so I could tie a bow. I still need to clip my bow tails, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the actual bow yet. This one is going to a little girl.

I still need to put a strap on this one. I created a little fabric carnation for this little bag. I learned how to do these carnations with tissue paper in Girl Scouts way back when. I decided to try it with fabric and it turned out pretty good.

...a close up of my "carnation". I left the edges raw to give it a sort of "hippy" look. I'm not sure who this bag is going to yet.

I have three more of these buttercup bags cut and ready to go whenever I am in a sewing mood.


Unknown said...

I LOVE them!!! You are so creative :)


areyoukiddingme said...

I wish I knew how to sew - the bags are so cute. I can knit and crochet, though...

C said...

they look great! so cute. i want to try this pattern.

ME! said...

How cool!!!! These bags are too cute! I wish I lived near you and you could teach me to sew!!! That bag is about as impossible for me to make as...uh-a you know what. :)


Diana said...

One of these days you need to tell me how to change the banner on my blog so it's not the standard blogspot issued banner. I have no clue how to do this.

Paula Keller said...

WOW!!! I absolutely love that first one! The fabric is fantastic!!! If you ever sell them, let me know.

I've recently discovered and am in love.

Rae said...

Hey those look fab! Love that flower on the last one -- so great!!!

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