Monday, May 25, 2009

work in progress: nyc mini album

OK, so I'm not really ready for snow, but it is time *finally* to complete an album for our NYC trip. In December, (yes I said December) Tony and I went to NYC just prior to Christmas to celebrate his fortieth birthday. It was a four day trip and we took lots of awesome pictures. We love to travel and I do an album for each of our vacations.

So what have I done so far? The pictures are chosen, cropped, and have been ordered from the Internet. I have gathered together all of my Christmas scrapbooking supplies (below).

I've chosen an album. Since this was just a four day trip I've decided to do a mini album. This album is by Seven Gypsies and it is a 5X7 size. I've chosen to orient the album so that the five inch sides are the top and bottom. I have started to layout the cover (below) although I am still not totally in love with it. Nothing is glued down, still playing.

I've only done one other mini album for my sister's bridal shower. I wasn't totally pleased with it. I had a hard time getting photos, embellishments, and journaling all in that little space. So before I get too far, any mini-album tips?


Antonia said...
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Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to work with mini albums too... I like the space of bigger ones better, because, like they old saying goes, the bigger, the better!!

Unknown said...

Those are super cute. You are going to have fun with those :)

Diana said...

I have no clue about mini albums. I've started two and never finished them. I'm still stuck on 12x12 pages... it's on my list of things to do though.
I can't wait to see your completed album, maybe it'll spur me to get back to mine.

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