Monday, July 19, 2010

work in progress: dying with tea

I often like to take a crafting supply and challenge myself by changing it somehow; cut it, sand it, paint it, color it.  I like to make it unique. 

So lately I've been thinking about dying fabric.  Aside from some tie dying in Girl Scouts when I was a young scout, I have absolutely no experience.

I decided to dip my toe (or fabric) into dying by starting with tea dying.  Six cheap tea bags, my biggest pot, and a yard of fabric I intend to use as the lining of a bag and I was on my way.

The results were not as dramatic as I hoped, but still more than acceptable for the project.  My cutesy, "too red", "too white" fabric is now a bit muted, a bit more mellow, a bit darker.

I think I'm ready to move on to colored dye.  Bring on the mess!


Bethany said...

You should try coffee and see what happens. You'd probably get one of those dark "country" style prints.

April said...

omg. i don't think i realized who you were :) you ARE crafty!!

Unknown said...

Today is my first venture with tea dyeing too. I'm also working with red. And after reading this, I think I'll dump the rest of my morning coffee into my dye vat as well.....:)

Naturally Me Creations said...

I'm so hesitant to try new things someimtes, especially if it looks messy and i think that it may fail, and then i've gone through all that mess for nothing, hehe. I've dyed paper with tea once and that worked out pretty well! :)

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