Friday, February 11, 2011

return on creativity: door organizer

I have a new year's resolution to get more organized.  Since I could no longer open and close the kitchen junk drawer, I decided to start there.  This project reminds me a lot of my first sewing project in junior high home economics class.  We made locker organizers that hung on the backs of out lockers.  I remember that we had to vote on the fabric colors as a class.  I got outvoted and we ended up with clownish rainbow stripes.  Sigh.

This project is really pretty easy.  (Trust me, I've seen junior high boys do it.)  It's just a bunch of squares sewn together.

You need:  fabric, two wooden dowels, brackets (to fasten organizer to door), ribbon (optional)

1.  Cut two squares of fabric to fit the measurements of the door.  Don't forget about seam allowance and leave enough room at the top and bottom to fold over and sew pockets for dowels.
2.  Put the right sides of the fabric together and sew around the edge.  Leave an opening at the bottom and turn the fabric right side out.
3.  Fold over the top and the bottom and sew a pocket for your dowels.  Leave each end open so the dowel can poke out each side.
4.  Cut two squares of fabric for pockets.  Obviously you can make any size pocket you want.  I cut three fabric pockets the width of the organizer with graduating heights.
5.  Sew right sides of pockets together.  Leave an opening and turn fabric right side out.

6.  I decorated my pockets with some pretty ribbon.  I sewed a length along each pocket.

7.  Sew your pockets onto the organizer.  Since I made big pockets the same width as the organizer, I also sewed vertical lines to separate my big pockets into smaller pockets. 

8.  Next I turned the project over to my husband to figure out how to attach it to the door.  He came up with the set up sown above.  Not too bad.  Note:  I only wanted to connect the top, but he was smart and connected all four corners.  That means it doesn't swing when we open and close the door.

pocket one:  flashlight, chalk, measuring tape, markers
pocket two:  zip lock bag of take out condiments, dog brush, lint roller
pocket three:  bills to be paid, papers to be filed

Everything tucked away behind the door and my kitchen junk drawer closes now.  Happy organizing!


The Loops said...

I love the little ribbon detail. I'm your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow back!

Naturally Me Creations said...

This is a great idea! A great way to use this wasted space behind a door... :)


wao this is a smart idea & very useful..thanks for sharing
i like your blog,very nice,thanks for your comment so i visit & enjoy to see these..i will like to follow..thanks

Jess said...

Thanks Megan for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's fun to get comments and learn about new blogs. I love crafty cpa! Thanks for sharing!

~Jess @

Dawn said...

oh-this would be so awesome for my girls room to put all their ponies and polly's in!!

Unknown said...

Love this idea!

Anonymous said...

I have just started sewing again after many years and this is a great gift idea for my 8 year old niece.

I'm curious what height you made your 3 pockets?

Thanks, Julie

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