Saturday, March 5, 2011

me: one hundred (plus) thank yous

Craft blogging is hard work.  There is so much that goes in to each post; idea generation, making things, photography, photo editing, writing, posting...  Add to that all the work that goes into maintaining a presence in a blogging community. 

It makes a political blog seem downright easy.  All they do is think, write, and click post.  (And sometimes I suspect they skip the first step.)

I'm sure all bloggers get a secret (or not so secret) thrill from watching their follower and subscriber numbers rise.  Tell me that it's not just me.  It may be especially thrilling for craft bloggers; a validation of all our hard work.

Thank you to all of my new (and old) followers for reading and helping me reach 100+ Google followers!  I'm having a great time reviving this old blog and staying honest to my commitment to be creative everyday.

In other following and reading news, last night I finally checked out the bloglovin website that I've seen around the web.  I decided to try it out and switch my craft blog reading from Google Reader to Bloglovin.  It seems like a better way to read people's posts and appreciate their overall blog design too.  We'll see how I like it, because I adore Google Reader. 

If you decide to check it out too make sure you follow my blog with bloglovin.


Karen said...

Yay! Congratulations!! I for one have been thoroughly enjoying your blog and am excited for you!! :)

Jodi said...

Congratulations!! Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to all your posts!

kiki comin said...

haha. i SO get the time commitment. congrats on having an amazing blog. following you now.:)


petitehermine said...

Congrats! :) Btw, your garland project has been featured in my Sunday Linky! Keep up the great work! Check it out here :)

Everyday Art said...

I hear ya! Your don't seem to be running out of good ideas though! :)

Leda said...

I get SO excited when I see someone has 'followed' me! You aren't the only one. (BTW, thanks for following mine)I'm only in my 20's...not sure I'll ever hit 100, but a girl can hope. ;)

So funny about the political bloggers not doing 'the first' step! hahah :)

You have a great blog!

Shannon said...

I love your ideas!
Shannon @ shannonandtonysclutteredcloset

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