Tuesday, May 3, 2011

me: an ode to a sewing machine

I am very attached to my sewing machine.  It is a Bernina 830 Record machine which was made in the early seventies.  Well, first I shouldn't really call it MY sewing machine, I stole borrowed it from my mother a couple years ago when I decided to start sewing again.

My mother sewed a lot when we were really little, but then stopped.  Sometimes she discretely asks for it back, but I quickly change the subject.  I have never sewed on anything other than this machine except in home economics class.  I did look on eBay to buy my own, but these machines go for hundreds of dollars.  I've seen some go for over a thousand dollars!

This machine is older than I am.  It is all metal.  The outside is metal.  The insides are metal.  This thing NEVER jams.  This thing NEVER misses a stitch.  It even does some embroidery stitches. 

Originally I downloaded the manual from the Internet, but then my mother found the original manual and mailed it to me.

The manual is like a time capsule.  My mother bought this machine used, when it was a couple years old.  The original owner carefully pasted in samples stitched during the classes she took when she bought the machine.  Some samples even have handwritten notes.

Don't you just love instruction manuals from the seventies?

This is my favorite pasted in sample, the fabric looks so seventies vintage to me.

The colors and graphic design are so retro.

I'm sure there are fancier machines I could buy, but I've never looked into it.  I love this machine too much.  I keep it oiled faithfully and very soon it will be going in for a good cleaning and refurbishing. 


AmAzOn said...

I have the exact same machine!! My Grandmother gave it to me about 6 moths ago and I agree, it is GREAT!! She does not have the manual and I cannot find one. Wouls you mind telling me where you found the manual online?? I would appreciate it GREATLY!! THANK YOU for sharing!!

Leda said...

I have the same one and LOVE it! My husband bought it new 27 years ago before we were married for his 'future wife' I got rid of that husband-but still have my Bernina! You are right, it never misses a beat. My niece that majored in fashion design in collage could have had ANY machine out there that she wanted...and yip, you guessed it, she wanted THIS one! They had a hard time finding one, but held out, and found a brand new one! Thanks for posting about one of my best friends! ;)

Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

Hi! I just saw your very cute project on someday crafts and I am now in love with your blog! I love your crafty ideas and can't wait to follow along! I too love all things vintage as well and sewing machines are no exception! Have a great day!
Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

Unknown said...

I have a vintage sewing machine from my mama, but I haven't figured out what to do with it. It desperately needs cleaning before I can use it, but I haven't been able to find a manual yet. Thanks for the encouragement that it might be worth my time and money to make work.

le zigzag said...

I have the same machine (bought second hand) and I LOOOVE it. it really is the best sewing machine I ever used.
I see that you have a picture of the top mechanism opened. I looked so much online to find a way to open the top cap and couldn't find a way. Could you post a few pictures of how/where you can open the mechanism?

thank you soo much!

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