Friday, May 20, 2011

work in progress: kitchen window part 1

Our kitchen is pretty much original and untouched in our early eighties home.  It's not as bad as it could be, but definitely not a showplace kitchen.  We are currently putting away money for a total regut-reconfiguration-serious-kitchen-redo which will probably happen in four years.  I have some little inexpensive projects lined up this summer to make the kitchen a bit more cute.

Last weekend I decided to make some kitchen curtains.  When we moved into our home there were standard mini blinds installed in this window.  Unfortunately if you didn't pull the cord just right when you tried to lower them, the blinds would completely fall down. 

So I removed the blinds and the window has been naked ever since.

I had intended to sew a simple valance, but then I saw this picture was inspired to sew some longer curtains.

I made my curtains from pretty natural linen fabric and some Martha Stewart ribbon I bought at Michaels awhile ago (proving that if you buy ribbon you will always eventually find something to use it for).  The curtains are pretty simple.  I just measured and cut and hemmed all the raw edges.  Since I used drape clips I didn't even sew a pocket for the curtain rod.

After much internal debate I put a little ruffle into the ribbon.  I folded and pined the ribbon into place and then sewed down both of the white stripes in the ribbon with white thread.  It worked great and easy peasy.

Spoiler Alert!  The grey in the ribbon will look great with the color I intend to use to paint the kitchen cabinets this summer.

Stay tuned for more inexpensive kitchen upgrades!


Unknown said...

Love these! I'm planning to make curtain for my bedroom window. I have the ones I want to use for the living room sliding door in there because we have good vertical blinds, but curtains are so great for keeping out heat.

MiniBinoy said...

lovely curtains Megan!:)

areyoukiddingme said...

Very cute!

Katrina said...

I love love love that chandelier! Where do I get it?!

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