Monday, October 17, 2011

me: home from vacation

We're back from our long weekend vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  This was our second trip to Eureka.  We love this little mountain town.  Pretty scenery, Victorian architecture, shopping, history, relaxing massages; it's a great little weekend trip only a five hour drive from our home in St. Louis.

This town is all about levels.  Nothing is flat.  The sidewalks are a lawsuit waiting to happen.  

We were hoping for more pretty fall scenery.  Supposedly this is a bad year for fall leaves, but we did spy some.  We stayed in a tree house (which is not as rustic as it sounds, it's really a hotel room on stilts in the woods.)  These leaves were right outside our balcony.

The town has a really interesting history.  This is supposedly the first neon sign west of the Mississippi.  Is it just me or is this sign really phallic?  I didn't realize this until I had taken a few pictures...then suddenly I felt dirty...

We also visited the War Eagle Craft Fair which is apparently a very big deal in these parts.  (Did I see any of you there?)  Luckily we are morning people and got there first thing in the morning.  As we were driving out, the line of cars waiting to get in stretched a mile long.

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