Sunday, October 30, 2011

return on creativity: scrap fringe pillow

I love projects that use up fabric scraps.  Fabric scraps remind me of projects and prints and colors that I love.  I've been saving small scraps for awhile with this pillow in mind.  Here's how I made it.

Cut scraps into long strips.  Trim those strips to the same length.  Mine were about four inches long.

Cut two rectangles of fabric for the pillow body.  Cut half inch strips of Wonder Under and iron around the edges of the pillow (on the right side of the fabric).  Pull off the paper side of the Wonder Under.

Loop scrap strips and start placing around the edge of the pillow (on the right side of the fabric).  Your loops should face the inside of the pillow with raw edges matching.  Iron strips down to Wonder Under and carefully stitch along the edge of the strips to secure them to the pillow.

Iron down another strips of Wonder Under and add another row of scraps on top of the first.

Iron the scraps into place and carefully stitch along edge to secure.

Continue around all edges of the pillow.  Place right sides of pillow bodies together and sew around all edges leaving an opening to turn pillow right side out.  Stuff pillow and stitch opening closed.

That's it.  How you have a cute little pillow to remind you of past projects!  Have fun and happy sewing!


Farah said...

The strip Idea is very inspirational...I love it and try soon with some modification soon... Thanks a lot for the sharing dear...
Happy if you come to see me at
with love from

Sandy said...

I love this idea! I was just thinking the other day that my scraps bin was getting way too full and needed to be pared down... now I know what to do. Thanks so much :)

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