Sunday, December 18, 2011

return on creativity: simple handmade gift wrap

I have to admit that I can get a little obsessed with wrapping gifts.  It is my favorite part of gift giving.

A few years ago I threw out all my wrapping paper, preferring to only store one roll of kraft wrapping paper that I decorate with stamps or paint or even just a simple ribbon.  Of course I also keep a stash of gift bags and tissue paper to save the day when I don't have enough hours to get everything done.

Recently, I made a bunch of simple muslin bags out of fabric scraps to use for shipping in my shop.  These little bags are great for gift wrapping small presents.

To Make:

1.  Cut two rectangles rectangles of fabric the same size (large enough to fit your gift).
2.  Serge or hem one side of each rectangle which will be the top of your bag.
3.  Put right sides together and sew on three sides.  Turn fabric right side out and you are finished.

I stamped my bags with letter stamps and Stayz On ink in black.  I tied it together with baker's twine

I whipped up this holiday version in about five minutes!  So easy and a great way to use up fabric scraps!

P.S. If you like my "Happy Holidays" gift tag, stay tuned for another day!  Thanks for reading.


areyoukiddingme said...

Great idea! Much cuter than gift bags...

Julie said...

Cute alternative to gift bags or wrapping paper. feel free to share your idea here:

Aimee said...

These are seriously so cute! Love the idea.

Ann said...

Great way to use left over fabric. And, they're so cute and simple. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

This is so cute! I actually just did something like this for the 1st time. My husband got his sister's boyfriend some tall bottles of craft beer and I wrapped them up in burlap and frayed it a bit, to make it look more masculine!

Unknown said...

These are adorable, simple, and lovely! I would love to have something I ordered show up packaged like that!

Come link up with Creative Me Monday, if you haven't already. Each link is an entry in the Pick Your Plum giveaway! Here's the link:

Hope to see you there!

Tori said...

Very Creative! Love the packaging : ) Good Luck with your shop : )

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