Tuesday, January 3, 2012

return on creativity: clay gift tags

Do you love wrapping presents?  I made some clay gift tags just before the holidays.  They were so easy and I love the results.  I think these would look so special on a wedding gift.  

Here's how to make:

1.  Evenly roll out some Sculpey oven bake clay.

2.  Cut out a circle shape.  I used the middle size of these Wilton circle cutters.

3.  Press an appropriate sentiment stamp into the clay.  The specific Making Memories stamp set I used is now discontinued, but this stamp set from Making Memories is very similar and has a lot of great "gift tag appropriate" sentiments.

4.  Bake your clay per package instructions.  I started using a toaster oven to bake my clay and it works perfectly for small projects like this.

5.  Once my clay was baked I used my hubby's Dremel tool(the drill bit) to make a hole.  Beware, this creates quite a mess (think hand mixer and uncontrollable cake batter)!

6.  Make a bunch to have on hand for beautiful, simple, and elegant gift wrapping!

Think graduation and new job gift wrapping!

Birthday gift wrapping too of course!


areyoukiddingme said...

We made dough ornaments this year, so I'm wondering...rather than the Dremel, couldn't you make the hole before you bake? I've heard that the clay shrinks, but you could compensate. It might not be as perfect, but you also save yourself the possible cracking and potential eye injury!

Heidi said...

I just wanted to say that I've been following you for a while now and I love your blog. I used to work as a bookkeeper, so I was intrigued by your title. I am so impressed with the steps you've taken, like the blog redesign and especially your Etsy shop. You go girl!



How Nice !! I like the idea,
~ Enjoy ~

Elsa said...

Oh, they are lovely ~ especially like the comment about the hand mixer and cake batter!
Thanks for the tutorial!

Liz said...

Very nice idea! Thank you!

Hydrangeas and Harmony said...

So pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Moriah said...

these are super cute! Love your etsy shop too!

The Loops said...

I'm in love with these. It kind of reminds me of some kind of candy cookie thing from willy wonka. Does that make me creepy? lol. Maybe it's just lunch time and I am reading your blog instead of eating.

Sara said...

These are SO adorable!! I want to make them SO badly but was just wondering how to make the clay soft enough to work with?

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