Tuesday, June 14, 2011

another take: retrohipmama vintage camera embroidery

I love seeing other people's takes on my tutorials.  Didn't retrohipmama do a great job on her vintage camera embroidery?  I just love that she "signed" it.  I am definitely going to start incorporating this into my embroideries.

I'm so jealous of her crafting area (so much better than my crafting dungeon in the unfinished basement).

And check out her most recent post about Project Life (which is a really neat scrapbooking project...but I'll let you check out retrohipmama's blog to read all about it.)

You can find my vintage camera embroidery tutorials here:

vintage camera embroidery no.1
vintage camera embroidery no.2
vintage camera embroidery no.3

You can upload pictures of a crafty cpa inspired project to my flickr group.


Unknown said...

I love your camera embroideries :)

Anonymous said...

I am always so late to the party! How in the world did I miss this post? LAME is all I have to say for myself. Thanks for your sweet mentions...i wish my scrap space still looked that neat...craftiness is messy work right?
Thanks for the feature...I am in love with all your tutorials and sketches. Wishing I could do them all right now!!!!

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