Wednesday, June 15, 2011

drawing class: first homework assignment

My first homework for class was to draw two still life pictures a day in my sketch book.

These are all in pencil.  In class we learned a technique where you hold up a dowel rod to measure angles between items and then draw the angle on the paper as reference points while sketching.  It's the strangest thing but it works!  When I start a drawing based on these angles it seems all wrong, but as I keep measuring and sketching and tweaking and moving it things all miraculously works out in the end. 

Here are some of my better sketches.  (I'll show my fails on another day.)

This looks surprisingly like my real sewing machine.

random stuff on my crafting table

more random crafting supplies

kitchen chair


Unknown said...

Great drawings! I really wish I had drawing, painting etc. talents. Super jealous :)

slkunze said...

I am very impressed! Your drawing is excellent.

Toqua's Crafts said...

Cool! You're doing a GREAT job!

Jennwith4 said...

Very neat!!

Kookie said...

The making of a master artist!

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