Sunday, June 5, 2011

return on creativity: ruffled sunglass case

Ever since my sunglass case fell apart I've gotten into a bad habit of throwing my sunglasses in my car's cup holder.  This is not the best way to treat expensive prescription sunglasses.  So I decided to sew myself a simple sunglass case.

I was inspired by this gathered clutch tutorial by Noodlehead to add some ruffles to my case.

How to make it:

1.  Cut two 9 inch by 5 inch rectangles of fabric from the outer fabric and two 9 inch by 5 inch rectangles of fabric from the lining fabric.  Cut two 4 inch by 12 inch rectangles of fabric for the ruffles.  I used a neutral linen for the outer fabric and the same light blue cotton fabric for the ruffles and the lining.

2.  Cut two 9 inch by 5 inch rectangles of Craft Fuse interfacing and iron onto the wrong side of outer fabric.  This will add some weight and stability to the sunglass case.

3.  Fold both raw edges of the ruffle fabric into the center and iron flat. 

4.  Pin ruffles into place on the right side of the outer fabric.  The bottom edge of the ruffle should be about 2 1/2 inches from the bottom edge of the outer fabric. 

5.  Top stitch ruffles into place.  I used red thread and stitched the ruffles down in three places.  Make sure you sew over the ruffles in the right direction so that they don't catch on the sewing machine presser foot.

6.  Put right sides of outer rectangles together and sew on three sides, leaving the top open.  Do the same with the lining fabric.

7.  Turn the outer case right side out and stitch an elastic band to the top seam on the right side of the fabric.

8.  Place the outer case inside the lining, right sides together and sew along the top leaving a two inch opening.

9.  Pull the outer case through the opening and turn the lining into the sunglass case.  Top stitch around the top of the case sewing the opening closed.

10.  Stitch a button on the front of the case to catch the elastic band and secure the case closed.  I used a button from my vintage button stash.


MiniBinoy said...

pretty sunglass case.. luv the colour and the frill on it!!

pls visit my blog when you get time Megan.:)

laxsupermom said...

I treat my sunglasses so badly and really need to make a case for them. Yours is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan, I really love this idea. Your craftsmanship is impeccable. I am really enjoying everything you've been putting out lately. I linked back to you on the vintage camera I embroidered. Thanks so much for that. It is the sketch that inspired me to put that needle and thread back up after a couple decades.
Because you are so awesome, I gave you a Lovely Blog Award today. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Ashley said...

this is so great! i love it:) i throw my expensive glasses around too.. not a good habit. i should try and make something like this!

thanks for the idea:)

Katie said...

I'm a sucker for sunglass holders! This is awesome! I love the ruffles and the button holder!

::little projects in style:: said...

how cute! :) i've been making draw-string pouches for my sunnies all this time! :)

thanks for the tute!

Karen said...

I love it! The ruffles are so cute:)

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