Saturday, July 16, 2011

inventory control: a new camera

I've spoiled myself again and bought a new camera.  This camera makes the cutest little business card sized Polaroid pictures.  I bought it with a bunch of film.

I took this camera and some film when we were visiting my cousin and her three little girls.  The little ones have only grown up with digital cameras so it was fun to see their surprise when my "weird camera" spit out a picture that developed before their eyes.  I got to take lots of pictures until they were surprised again when we were out of film.  

They carried their pictures around all night...

Of course in true new camera tradition my first pictures were of my pups.

They aren't always this cute (but close), they were waiting for a treat from their mom.

These pictures aren't perfect, but they remind me of the pictures we used to take when I was little, before digital, when you couldn't just delete and take another more perfect picture.

I love my new camera and have used it to add some memories to my memory clothesline.


Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

Love it!! This just gave me an idea for my daughter for Christmas!

Abby said...

That looks so fun! I really want a camera like that. What is it called?

Katie Cannon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.I love your memory clothesline.
A Southern Lady's Ramblings.

Unknown said...

That's so fun - I love it! I dug up an old Polaroid camera my dad had when he was younger, but it was impossible to find film for (that wasn't super-disgustingly expensive or had just cracked and seemed to have gone bad and very smelly), but the couple pictures I did manage to get out of it were awesome. I just love how they look! Will you email me the details on this camera too? (I saw someone else asked, but no answer, so if you emailed, will you respond to me too? Thank you!!) : )

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