Saturday, August 6, 2011

a big idea: polymer clay creations

I'm starting to really love polymer clay.  It's like play-doh for adults!

Here are some inspiring creations and tutorials with polymer clay.

Here's a great idea to use polymer charms as gift tags.  I can't wait to do this at Christmas time!

Check out this tutorial for making polymer clay bangles.  I love wearing an armful of bangle bracelets.  Such a cool idea.

This acorn is so sweet and this tutorial makes it look so easy.  These are on my "to-try" list for sure.

Check out this awe inspiring bracelet.  I'm speechless.

1 comment:

etherealflowers said...

i so understand you, latelly i had a crush on DAS (air drying clay) and i feel a child again XD

great ideas and tutorials!

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