Tuesday, August 23, 2011

craft room redo: the blank slate

I've been researching and planning and dreaming about my new craft room.  Before I start making changes I'll show the new room as it exists right now.

Here's a sketch of the room.  Each long wall is about twelve foot long.  I created the same type of scale sketch for my old crafting area and then made cut outs for the shelves and tables so that I could move them around on paper.

Here's a picture of the room from the door.  As you can see, I wasn't lying.  This room is not currently being used for anything.  I think we had a single bed in here once.

My favorite part of this room is "the nook".  I've always thought that this would be the perfect spot for a desk or a hidden easy chair.  Right now it's home to my husband's old stereo equipment from college.  I shudder to think where this stuff will land.  I will never understand men and their stereos...

This long wall will most likely be the new home for some shelves.

Since this room is kind of small I need to use every available space.  Right now I'm thinking that I will remove these closet doors and make a sewing area out of the closet.

That's the before tour.  Over the next few months I hope to be able to show this room transformed!


Bethany said...

It's going to be great - it's a nice size and shape with great windows! Wish I had an extra room - although my dining room has served me well :)

laxsupermom said...

I've been considering taking over the guest room as we only have guests a couple times a year. Can't wait to see the changes you make to the room.

Shona said...

I like it! A clean slate to work with!

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