Saturday, August 27, 2011

craft room redo: color scheme

The new craft room is currently painted a beigey pink (not by me).  A repainting is definately in order.  I've always been a little color challenged so I few years ago I bought this book:

Color Index
I spent today flipping through the pages and picking out some different color combination possibilities for room accents.

I'll still be using my three black bookcases for supplies storage and one wall will pretty much be dominated by black.  I think I will paint the walls an off-white to maximize the light in the room.

I may paint the room "nook" or the inside of the closet a different color.

Color Combination No. 1:  Light blue and red is one of my favorite color combinations.  However, I am already using this combination in my guest bedroom.  I do really like this robin's egg blue color.

Color Combination No. 2:  Here's the same blue with orange.  This color combination feels a little more hip to me (or is orange already "over"?)  It also reminds me of my sister's college alma mater colors.

Color Combination No. 3:  Pink!  I never use pink in my house, but I am loving this pink and gold combination.

Color Combination No. 4:  More orange, but it feels more subdued and earthy when paired with the green.

Color Combination No. 5:  Red is my favorite color, so I almost have to include it in my craft room.  I like it with this lime green, but is it too Christmasy?

How do you choose colors?


Toqua's Crafts said...

I too have a hard time picking colors.

Since your bookcases are black it quickly reminded me of a show I saw last night on HGTV. It was a David Bromstad's "Color Splash" Modern New York City Loft Master episode. They used fuchia and neon green with black furniture and silver and white nick-nacks.

Not that I'm a huge fucia and neon green fan, but I do really like the way it turned out!

Nancy said...

I don't have Pink in my house either but I sure have it on my Studio Walls, and I Love it!! I think I would like it with the Gold too. I have Aqua & White Accents in my Studio.


Deborah H said...

I think my favorite combination of the ones you've presented is the pink/gold/black. Usually the way I approach color choice is to work from an inspiration piece that will be used in the room such as a throw rug or decorative object.

Nancy said...

I just painted my new sewing space.. I did white wainscoting and "instinct" by Benjamin Moore on top. I am not a blue person, but it is perfect with the sugar maple laminate floors..

You can see a photo on my blog..

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