Sunday, September 25, 2011

a big idea: recycling t-shirts

I have one t-shirt that doesn't spend much time in my dresser drawer.  It's the first t-shirt I reach for on the weekend as soon as it comes out of the laundry.  It's gray and goes with all my comfy weekend yoga pants and it is totally broken in.  I love it.

But when I put my shirt on this morning it had a hole (in a very conspicuous and immodest place).  Now I have to put my favorite t-shirt into retirement.  

I know.  I know.  I'll be OK.

Here are some really cute t-shirt recycling ideas if you also have a favorite t-shirt that you can't wear.

T-shirt scarf from A Diamond in the Stuff

Jersey knit bracelet from V and Co.


Mandi said...

I love these! I've actually tried both, and love them! :) I always have those t-shirts I love but have to get rid of.

Bethany said...

You got over your t-shirt pretty quick. I would still be in mourning. True story. :)

Coley said...

What a great idea! Love the scarf

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

How cute! I love these ideas!

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