Sunday, July 31, 2011

july in review

I updated the tutorial library with my July tutorials.  Four bags!  I knew I was going a little bag crazy this month.  If you missed any of the tutorials above, just click on the picture to take you to the post.  I totally missed the fact that I hit my one hundredth post in July.

This month we did some camping, but not much because it has been so hot.  We had a bit of a staycation at home.  Work (as usual) was busy, and I went to drawing class at community college two nights a week.  I played organized bingo for the first time ever which was quite an experience.

I have one more drawing class on Monday and Tony has returned to work.  His kids start back to school soon.  We had an amazing meal downtown to celebrate the end of summer vacation and ate the most amazing dessert, warm bread pudding with pecans and nice cold ice cream.

Hard to believe that summer is almost over, but I'm ready because the heat lately has been unbearable!


Eileen said...

The heat has been bad here too but i am never ready for summer to end. Its my favorite season. I think that the wind down of it in september is my favorite part. The ocean is still warm and the beaches are not crowded!

Amy zimmer said...

Hi Megan,

I just found your blog through craftzine. Love it and your ideas!
Gonna make the mail bag...will send a pic I promise. Didn't see an "about" button. Where are you that it is soo hot? We are in the SF Bay Area, just North and we wake to fog.

Best, Amy
Sebastopol, CA

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